Casa son Batlet

Building Projects - Casa son Batlet

name:Casa son Batlet
type:Single house
size: 165 m2
architects:Miel + Andreu Bover
photo:Asier Rua & Miel

Casa son Batlet is located in the centre of a grove of almond trees in Pla de Mallorca, the house is camouflaged among the stone walls that mark off the plot by means of a horizontal strip in the same colour as the walls and two white shapes that rise above and blend into the sky. The house is organized in two parallel living spaces.
The day area is a large open space facing the sun. In the night area the three bedrooms and two bathrooms are arranged around an inner, multi-purpose room (to be used as a study area, game room, etc.) and the bedroom windows look onto a courtyard with an almond tree.