Pintor Pahissa 39

Interior Projects - Pintor Pahissa 39

name: Pintor Pahissa 39
type: Entrance Hall
size: 75m2
time: 2019/2020
location: Barcelona
architects: Miel Arquitectos
photography: Pol Viladoms
builder: THK Construcciones

On the ceiling of the entrance lobby of the building at number 39 Pintor Pahissa street the fluid melody of its time of youth remained stagnant; cornered by the sobriety subsequent parameters it had long been doomed to disappear.

 Our project consists of lighting the flame once again; reviving the original joviality of its sinuous curves by extending them to the walls as captains of this conquest of an interior where timelines, now free and dressed in classic blue exalt the walk of the users that dive into this bubbling sea.

 You may call us presumptuous but, do you think such a comforting scenario leaves passer-by indifferent? The answer is a resounding NO!