name:Restaurant Aiueno
type:Interior Refurbishment
size:75 m2
architects:Miel Arquitectos
photography:Asier Rua
builder:Grupbcn SL

Aiueno is the izakaya project for the Can Kenji team and the result of some unconsciousness mixed with a lot of admiration. Which one is our Japan? The one of the videogames and the lights of Tokio, the Japan of Frank Lloyd Wright, in the mood for love, their admired tradition of periodically rebuilt some temples to preserve the touch and smell for its sensorial perception, the House of Sugimoto and of course In Praise with Shadows of Tanizaki.

All of that, without any order or ambition, joint to a healthy obsession for the Atmospheres of Peter Zumthor had end to be AIUEnO… Itadakimasu!