Miel Arquitectos is the architectural office run by Elodie Grammont and Miguel Angel Borrás with base in Barcelona and Mallorca.

Our main aim is excellence through an understanding of local synergies; learn the trade from the construction, the history and the cultural imaginary of each place.

We are restless to know our clients, their aims, dreams and needs, as to innovate in each project… rediscovering the nearest building materials and testing new ways of living the present.


Elodie Grammont
Architect ETSAB 2005

Miguel Angel Borrás
Architect ETSAB 2001

Víctor Martos
Architect ETSAV 2017


Toni Casas
Miquel Dolç
Design and Calculation of Structures

Energy Management
Engineering and Telecomunications

Carme Aguiló Mora
Budget Management

Daniela Sanchez & Antonio Zamora

What we do

We cultivate a special interest about refurbishment and interior renovation, where we discover and give voice to some remaining energies and begin a dialog with the new needs and stopping their entropy discovering new ways of enjoying them.

From 2010 we also run the “Barcelona Architecture Walks“, a series of urban walking tours led by architects,  inviting the general public to discover our city through the buildings and lessons of its Masters.


2015 WINNER “50 social housing competition at Bon Pastor”for PMHAB with UNTERCIO architects
2018 FINALIST “59 social housing competition at Sant Adriá del Besos”for IMPSOL with MARMOLBRAVO architects
2018 THIRD PRIZE“72 social housing competition at Carrer Palamós 88” for IMHAB with MARMOLBRAVO architects
2018 SECOND PRIZE  “34 social housing competition at Carretera de Sant Cugat 2x” for IMHAB with MARMOLBRAVO architects
2019 SECOND PRIZE  “54 social housing competition at Sector La Catalana R16” for IMPSOL with MARMOLBRAVO architects


Elodie Grammont, born in Dax (Francia) in 1977.
2004 Collaborates with the studio Bailo&Rull Arquitectura
2005 Architect by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC).
2005 Joins to “Daedalus Architects” associated with Miguel Angel Borrás and Pau Iglesias
2008 founds “Miel Arquitectos” together with Miguel Angel Borrás
2010 Master subjects “Integration of Renewable Energies in Architecture” by the UPC Foundation
2010 Founds “Barcelona Architecture Walks” together with Miguel Angel Borrás


Miguel Angel Borrás, born in Palma de Mallorca in 1976.
2000 Erasmus scholarship in Delft
2001 Architect by the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC)
2002 Founds “Daedalus Architects” together with Pau Iglesias being finalist of several architecture and investigation competitions (Formica Funcional, Beca Coaib, Art Jove).
2004 Runs the department of Construction Pathology at the Laboratorio Balear para la Calidad, Mallorca.
2007 Master studies of Theory and History of Architecture by the ETSAB-UPC.
2008 Founds “Miel Arquitectos” together with Elodie Grammont
2010 Founds “Barcelona Architecture Walks” together with Elodie Grammont