Cas Sestadors

Building Projects - Cas Sestadors

name:Cas Sestadors
type:House + Sheep Fold
size:450 m2
location:Algaida, Mallorca
architects:Miel Arquitectos
builder:Xarxa Homes

Halfway between the Puig de Randa and the town of Montuiri, Cas Sestadors was born in the shade of two agricultural sheds that have been there for thirty years. 

Like a soft body, the house conquers the space under roofs, flowing between the Cartesian sea of concrete pillars. The house absorbs them in its center and setting them back on the perimeter, it generates eaves, terraces and porches; it enhances its constructive beauty and preserves the insulating continuity of the new ventilated sandstone skin. A new coating for this way of living among sheep, all “made in Mallorca”.