Casa es Carnatge

Building Projects - Casa es Carnatge

name:Casa es Carnatge
type:Single house
size:205 m2
architects:Miel Arquitectos
photo:José Hevia & Asier Rua
build engineer:Carme Aguiló

Casa es Carnatge is a single house located in front of the abandoned stone quarries of Son Mosson at the Palma Bay, from which draws its materiality and formal logic. Through a doble stoneskin facade we abstract inhabiting of the noise pollution from the neighboring airport and search into the Marés a way of being. The constructive approach of Casa es Carnatge looks for the essential, reducing the number of materials participating at the equation and searching the top expressive state of each one, in such a way the matter austerity results in formal wealth. The Marés is the principal actor of this house: sand brown forming an outside eroded and hightly expresive together with the rusted steel windowsills; Pure white in the inside providing wealth nuances to the soft light that contains.