Interior Projects - Parlament19

name:Piso Parlament19
type:Apartment refurbishment
size: 65 m2
architects:Miel & Studio P10
photo:Jose Hevia & Asier Rua

At Piso Parlament19 two windows looking at a party wall were the point of inflection, the beginning of the project … when serendipity arises, changes and directs everything. Following the natural light that timidly entered through the openings of this third floor of the neighborhood of Sant Antoni, we decided to add to our usual strategy of ergonomic dodges a mirror in foreshortening getting the Platanus trees of Parlament Street to enter the ring. Piso Parlament19 deepens our conviction that surprise is the best tool to rediscover the everyday… What was hidden behind the golden flash of the Pulp Fiction briefcase? … We are on that!