Showroom Plicosa

Interior Projects - Showroom Plicosa

name:Showroom Plicosa
size:1935 m2
architects:Miel Arquitectos
photography: José Hevia
builder: Xarxa Homes

Palm tree, hut and lounger … this is in essence SHOWROOM PLICOSA, a display of outdoor furniture for wholesalers, a space to sell outdoors Comfort to those who know how best to sell it to us.
The exterior furniture par excellence is the rattan armchair, a climbing palm of Indonesian origin whose fibers are non-prutescent, very flexible and extremely resistant. Our commercial space was a sea of pillars 5.80m high and in a slightly radial plant that we learn to triangulate. Then from the rattan tree, the Palm Grove and for the inside / outside play, the cabin in the forest.