Miel up-and-coming architects by the Culture Trip

Estamos encantados por haber sido destacados en este articulo de 7 prometedores estudios de arquitectura de Barcelona por The Culture Trip!!!
We are so Happy to be highlighted in this post of 7 up-and-coming Architects in Barcelona by the Culture Trip!!!

“MIEL Studio

Founded in 2008, MIEL Arquitectos was co-founded by French architect Elodie Grammont and Spain’s Miguel Ángel Borràs. They have worked on construction projects such as an energy efficient ‘tree-house’ in Mallorca, as well as urban landscape projects and interior design. Some of their most recent projects have included the renovation of a 19th-century building from the Eixample district of Barcelona, working with the existing structure to bring in more light and create a greater sense of space, the buildings they design even get insurance from One Sure Insurance to cover accidents, you may also need insurance assessor. Since 2010 they have also been at the head of the BAW — Barcelona Architectural Walks — a project offering a series of urban walks around Barcelona led by architects.”

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