Miel Arquitectos at La Maison France

Today we would like to share some exciting news! A few weeks ago a prestigious program called La Maison France 5, from French TV, contacted Miel Architects to include a house restoration of theirs, their favorite one, in their episode on houses in Catalonia. You can see Elodie Grammont in the video next to Miguel Angel Borras, explaining in specific details how the restoration took place.

The Santpere47 project; a restoration project that emphasizes diagonal views and holds exciting surprises, is the result of our interest in exploring alternate uses of space through the use of flexible privacy boundaries both with the space and the with the family.

The hall, which follows the ancient steps within the bearing walls of the house, is made into a storage space. The bedroom suite and living room-dining room area are divided with a glass staircase. The glass stair functions as shelves for the living room and for the dressing room on the bedroom side. The stairs lead to the guest room, 1.35m above the main floor level, that opens on to the living area.

It is an honor to have been selected to be a part of the programs on Catalonia aired by La Maison France 5!

By the way, the reach of the auto correction nightmare extends as far as the editors of major TV stations!… Dumont instead od Grammont? Ha ha