Piso Salva46 seen by Kirsten Dirksen

Shared micro living Piso Salva46: how 2 couples could live/work in 700 sq ft at Faircompanies.com

Having lived in cities like London and Barcelona, where rents and turnover are high, Mike Davies of Studio P10 wanted to experiment with creating a small apartment that could be shared by strangers at the project Piso Salva46.

With the help of architects Miguel Angel Borrás and Elodie Grammont of Miel Architects, they turned a 700-square-foot apartment into two nearly independent micro-studios with a shared kitchen/dining room in the middle. The studios each have their own bathrooms and shower or bath, table for work or private dining, queen bed and a lofted lounge/sleep area. Each side have primary semi-translucent doors which can be locked for personal privacy and a second wooden door which shuts for acoustic insulation.

The space could house 2 strangers for living and working, or even two couples. Or it could be transformed to accommodate a family. “There’s a lot of micro living now”, says Davies “this is really an experiment in flexible coexistence”.